I Aswered "teach Me"

I am VERY new to this world of Dom/sub relationships.....didn't really know it was a BIG thing...BOY was I wrong.  I answered an ad on CL just because the way it was worded sounded like a dare.  I texted him "Teach Me' .  My Master answered with questions and units of service that had me soooo sexually wound up I felt euphoric before we ever met....He has been very patient yet strict with me. Teaching.  Always teaching. He knows my body better than I do---Making me respond in ways I never imagined.  Nothing that goes on between us feels TABOO at all....He knows me without ever having met me..
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that is great. I hope to find a teacher like that one day

Newguy, Your reactions are very common as well. They almost have to be that way for most people. I suggest that you find a TOP/DOM, maybe here, and then submit to a fairly straight forward spanking. After that, you can move to try other things, a little at a time. <br />
You can also find a local "Munch". That is a casual meeting of like minded people. Is NOT a place where you see a Demonstration. Most often these meeting are help in a very public location. It is very safe way to meet others and learn. You can Google "TheIronGate" they list most of the Munch Contact info, listed by state. Best of Luck.

sometimes I want to try that to but I think I'm to scared

"BOY was I wrong" LOL Weren't you???? <br />
Lil Lady you don't know how many have that same response. So many more wish they did but don't know it yet. <br />
Most also thing that "submissive" = Weak! How wrong are they?? Others still think it has to do with ABUSE!!! Most TOPS that I know feel very strong on those who Abuse others, mostly in the name of Love? They deserve to get every single item that gave done back to them. <br />
I could mark a "sub" in a way she will feel almost every one of them the next day. She will love me for every one of them. Let me strike her in Real Anger and that is Abuse, not acceptable. <br />
You are lucky to have found such a Real and Loving Dom the first time out, so many don't..<br />
Best to your and yours,

Mmmmmmmm.... I love your comments, Sir....... makes me feel hot inside.... well, outside too...........