Yes Master

Teda666 is the most generous Master I could ask for. Even though I displeased him this morning and wasn't able to complete the tasks he sent out, he still was very patient with me. I was able To finally do something right and he was pleased with my efforts and the results. I'm wet at the thought of him being pleased with me, and he even allowed me to play with myself and even let myself *** as I thought of him and moaned his name as I came. I look forward to learning more about what pleases him and be able to continually please my Master.
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and ask your master to add me please :)

I'm new to your profile, so will continue to read your experiences, but it sounds as though you have a very solid base for a D/s relationship.

My Master is very conscious about using positive reinforcement with me. He'd rather me serve whole and happy to please him than in pieces and terrified of when he's near. I crave talking to him and learning what he wants from me. He's a wonderful Master, pleasing him makes me wet and needy for him, and I am happy to do as he instructs. The image of me cuffed to the bed while he rides me for his pleasure is orgasmic in itself, knowing that he'd let me *** while he's riding me brings me to my knees. My heart is full knowing that he's pleased with my progress and that he wants to keep me.<br />
<br />
A sub could not ask for a better Master.

Good girl. Glad you were able to get a task right so you could be allowed positive reinforcement... LOL Master1A

Wow ! what a good lil slutty sex slave you are ! obey and u get pleasure ! sexy and hot . ur wild. i could think of a few things i would love for you to for me and to me, and then u will get pleasure too. growl