I am new to this, I have never been in a Dom/sub relationship. I'm looking for a good teacher. I know I would be an excepitional student. I am very eager.
JaimeR JaimeR
31-35, F
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I am a femdom looking for a new slave. Message me if you are interested :)

Hi I would like to know more about you

Be careful there are guys who just want the sex these are not true Dom's look carefully and look for o e with lots of experience that will be right for you remember this is like any other relationship so use good judgment

Well here i am

I am looking for an eager to learn, submissive female to introduce this amazing lifestyle to.

Well miss you are quiet welcome to contact me. We can see your interest. Level of submission interest. See if you are a worth subject.

message me. 20 male

Dude seriously? You keep spamming D/s categories with "Message me". Maybe look to see what D/s is all about before claiming you are a BDSM Master (as per another posting) and replying to subs who state they are new.