My Journey With Master

I remember the first time I laid eyes on him. He was tall, broad shoulders, extremely handsome, and professional looking. My heart skipped a beat and my knees felt weak. I knew right then that he and I were going to be something Earth shattering.

I asked for the boss, as I was volunteering and needed to check in. That's when I found the gorgeous man was to be my immediate supervisor. I instantly dripped with excitement knowing we'd be close for at least a couple of weeks. He introduced himself and I did the same. He asked, "are you nervous?" Being ever so cocky I responded with my bright smile and a confident "no". To which his response was "you should be".

I giggled to myself then, knowing the lifestyle I've come to be a part of as a submissive woman and the only thing I could think of was him spanking me, telling me what to do, but most importantly saying I was his.

The first week went by with harmless flirting. Him stroking my hair saying he liked it out of my usual ponytail. Winking and biting his luscious lips as I walked by. Asking evermore prying questions into my personal life and desires.

I couldn't take anymore. I explained to him that I was a submissive and nothing turned me on more than having a strong man like him making me do whatever he willed. The gleam of excitement in his eyes was blinding.

He ordered me into the private office that he and I shared. I walked ahead of him slowly, making him savor every second of our first encounter. We finally reached the office. He walked in behind me closing and locking the door in a split second. I stood in the middle of the room in between or desks. He ordered me to bend over his which stood at the far wall. I did as I was told by this magnificent man that I was dying to have touch me.

He slowly lifted my black pencil skirt up my legs until it was wrapped full around my waist. He started rubbing up and down my thighs. His big strong hands working their way up between my legs made me involuntarily start moving my hips. My body begging for his entry. He pulled away before giving me any true contact. I didn't have much time to worry about what he was doing because then I felt his first strike. The spank came hard, fast, and unexpected. I squealed with the stinging hot pain and delight of how wet I was becoming because of it.

Three more blows came as he asked me "is it being a good girl to play games with the man you know you want to belong to?" He lands another smack as I respond to him "no, sir. Please I'll do anything to have you right now". His next blow came harder as he whispered in my ear "do you promise yourself to me". I screamed "YES, SIR".

He backed away from me then ordering me to stay looking down at his maple wood desk. Nodoubtedly admiring the nice punishment he left on his pretty little princess's ***.

After what seemed an eternity I feel him at my entrance. I've been dripping with excitement for what seems like hours. He starts to enter me slowly. He's the biggest thing I've ever felt enter me and my knees almost give out while I moan loudly. My moans only being matched in pitch and desire by his own. He says I'm perfect for him, I'm his to do with as he pleases, and I'd better obey or the punishments will be sever.

He starts thrusting harder, tearing me a little so as to accommodate his size. His big and I'm already on the verge of *******. I ask him "may I ***, sir". He says deeply in my ear "don't keep me waiting, *** for your man". His words push me over the edge. My ***** tight, hot and wet, pulsating and throbbing on his **** while I *** makes him explode inside me.

He pulls away from me and dresses then, giving me a playful pat on my sore ***. I turn smiling at him while I pull my skirt back down. He kisses me gently and says "I can definitely get used to this".
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Thank you :-)

Who wouldn't want to volunteer in your office?

Hey, if a GREAT writer gives you advise, you take it. Thank you so much for your help with it!!

very hot an sexy made my **** hard with desire 2 find a sub like u.been seeking one 4 many yrs,found many players no true sub yet for me.i know i will find what i look 4 an seek someday.sooner would be better though.

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Very sexy, indeed! Way to go, you are a talented writer.