Just A Dream For Now

I feel intimidated by an elderly neighbour who stands 6 feet three tall and I fantasise about having to submit to him. I am a nude servant in his home and receive regular bare bottom spankings I am made to go outside in to the back garden still nude and I am spotted by the woman next door. This woman tells her husband and he decides to call round to find out what is going on. I am totally ashamed when the man is invited in to see my humiliation and that is when I am made to go over my masters knee for a another spanking. I am soundly beaten and tearful as I am made to go in the corner whilst the two men have a discussion about my role. Without warning I receive a sharp slap to my rear and look round to see the grinning face of the newcomer, he has great delight in informing me that my services will be required at his house tomorrow night.

The following day the man shows up at my house and tells my wife that I have agreed to help him with some DIY and we both go over the road as we are going through the gate to his house I ask him whether his wife is in the house and he replies yes and she can't wait to see you all bare again. I am made to ***** completely at the back door and my clothes are taken away. The woman beckons me inside and she is holding a wooden spoon, as I try to walk past her she starts to paddle me with the spoon causing me to howl with pain, they are both laughing at my humiliation and how my little penis is standing upright. She tells me that my pubes are going to be shaved off tonight. They also inform me that I am to become the neighbourhood slave. After the paddling I am marched into the lounge where a towel has been spread on the floor. I am told to lie on the towel and they proceed to shave me completely bald.

The woman goes upstairs and returns with a very small pink t shirt which belonged to her daughter I am made to put it on and I know that I must look ridiculous as it barely reaches my belly button. I am completely bare below the waist and I am placed into the corner on display. I am shocked when I see a flash of light behind and realise that a video camera is being used to capture my shame. The woman appears at my side and turns me round, pointing at my tiny penis and laughing out loud. She grabs my ear and drags me to a chair and I am forced over her knee where she smacks my bottom with her hand until it is glowing red.

My life is now in turmoil due to the last few days and it isn't going to get any better as they are telling me that they will tell my wife everything what is happening. My master summoned me over the other day and I was made to ***** naked at the front door and leave my clothes outside. I was really nervous as curtains were open across the street including the house where I was ******** and spanked. As I enter my master's house I hear voices coming from the living room and then he shouts at me to come in. Nervously I open the door and walk in. I am horrified to find more of my neighbours all seated and enjoying my shame. I am made to confess to them all that I am a naked servant for my master and I must clean his house and serve him sexually as well. I am made to turn round slowly so as everyone can see me completely nude. I am told then to go and serve tea & coffee to the guests but when I return I drop a cup and it spills all over the carpet.

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Jan 15, 2013