A Truly Symbiotic Partnership

I am a complete dominant, truly understanding and respectful of my responsibilities as such. For me there is much more than the overly sexualized concepts. The true Dom must be aware of the needs of the sub and willing to fill those needs. Understanding of the limitations of the sub, yet firm enough to reach new limits. Showing compassion while enforcing the boundaries. Let none of these be mistaken for weakness, but looked upon as strength and full control to maintain the loyal bonds of deeply meaningful Dom/sub arrangements.


When you have the tools, build something substantiate... 
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4 Responses Mar 26, 2013

Sounds interesting, I have just started to explore this option, complete novice

LOVE this post!!! I myself am a Sub in training, yes I understand training is an ongoing process. I have been so grateful that I have a GREAT Master!! He has assisted and lead me on such a wonderful journey, while at the same time I have had the pleasure of serving and pleasing him.

hi, what a beautiful way to sum up the mindset of a genuine Dom. Respect is a 2 way thing and should be earned, not just taken. Please remember this subs x

See that's a true understanding of tge D/s relationship great post