Missing That Feeling

I am so ready to feel the ropes around my wrist..my hair being pulled.. my neck bit....my *** being spanked..the longing to please sir...gosh i love that feeling of knowing i give him what he wants...
aprilb1979 aprilb1979
36-40, F
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add me please

April... I am almost .. just like you.... I hope you find what you want.. and I hope I find what I want..... Any Doms in TEXAS?..... I will happily let one of them..... try.... to tame me.....I'm sure I will be punished for that statement..... ha ha!!!!....

It doesn't appear that you have been online for a while. If you come back to experience please check out my stories. If you are interested in them please send me a message. It would be fun to converse.

Good girl

You need to be put in your place!

cool.. you like rough sex...

Having a Master (Dom) or being a Sub per-say is NOT about rough sex! It is about willingly giving yourself to him/her and to please them.