I Am Interested In Dom Sub Relationships

I'm new to the Dom/sub lifestyle, and don't really have much experience with it. I'm very interested and eager to learn, but have had somewhat of a difficult time finding the right Dom for me. I need a man that is patient, understanding but firm at the same time, and is willing to teach. I tend to have somewhat of an uppity personality, and don't always follow the rules, so I need someone that can handle a little disobedience and help break me of those habits. I'm 18 years old, and would prefer that my Dom be no older than 35.
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Always remember to ask questions & try to find out whom you are wanting to open a D/s relationship with. Curiosity is always the start, however some self-entitled ""master"" could perhaps manipulate your inexperience. If you'd like to chat sometime feel free to message me a introduction of yourself, then maybe we can discuss these interests of your....

The best teachers count in older numbers, & they make the best Masters! :-)