Why would you let me talk to you until 2 am. I tell you how vulnerable I am. I don't want to keep doing this. I think I've found you... My daddy dom. Then you don't text all day?? Is this some kind of test. I don't understand. I hoped you would be different.
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You're his, not he yours.............................

Hi, Add me to your circle of friends, and check me out too!

One word of advice - now that you know everything is ok, it might be wise to delete this story.
There's a lot of negative stuff here, and if he gets to see it he'll be upset at best, extremely angry at worst.
Better to destroy the evidence ;)

How do I do that???

At the bottom of your original story up there, you should see a dustbin / trash-can icon. Click on it and follow the instructions ...

I don't see anything like that. Ugh

When it comes to talking late, are you in the same time zone? And if not, does he know your local time? Plus, you have shared an experience or two about never being able to sleep at night - perhaps if you tell him you're tired then he'll stop talking?
As for not texting all day, all the Doms I've come across are busy men. Sometimes their work and/or family life is more hectic than others. Sometimes they simply don't have a chance to contact their sub. BUT it's ultra important that they explain such things in advance, warn you what you might need to expect, and if he's a regular Dom giving Daddy Dom a try then he might not realise how important regular communication is - perhaps if he reads your story here he'll understand?
If not, next time try making it clear in advance - but not in a complaining or bossy way, just by saying you have to warn him how important regular contact is to you, and that you've had some brief attempts at D/d before that ended up being very hurtful because of lack of communication.
i speak as a part-time sub with a part-time Master, He did warn me in advance that He'd be extremely busy a lot of the time, and that weekends were out - but even then it took a lot of getting used to. But even when he's really busy, He still reads my rambling e-mails, and if He picks up on something He feels i need His input on He tends to send a reply pdq ;)
Even then i sometimes start to feel neglected - but it doesn't last long, even if He doesn't reply to me I can still feel His influence & His strength of will wrapped around me - i'm hopelessly lost and totally devoted to Him - not to mention besotted - and He does have the power to hurt me very badly, but i feel that He doesn't want to, even though he's a bit of a sadist, He's actually a very caring Master and He knows the power He has.
Obviously they're all different, which is why you need to get to know each other as much as possible before actually becoming D/d, and every failed relationship you have teaches you one or two things that you need to make very clear in advance to the next one.
i can't remember whether this is your only site for finding a daddy or not, but if it is then there are other places where you might have more luck. But don't give up - just learn and add things to your Fet profile so anyone looking can see straight off whether they can cope with you :)

You've given me the best advise. I just love hearing from you. You know exactly what I need to hear. So yes. Part of the distress on my part was he specifically told me he'd be home and what time I'd hear from him. When I didn't .. I panicked. I really thought he was going to be different. He actually started much like you have,, giving me advise on this subject. He then reached out in a more personal way and we hit it off. He is the ultimate d/d and I'm looking forest to getting to know him. He very wisely let me know we will be taking this slowly. He is anxious to make this work. So he was tied up with his daughter that lives an hour away and didn't have a sitter. So he was there till late and contacted me as soon as he walked in the door.... Not having read my msg.,.so I'll keep you posted my new friend...xxoo

Seriously you do give the BEST MOST LOVING CARING ADVICE!! BST!! Mahalo!

Oh - thank you :)
i think you'll find people around here who say otherwise though, but i usually try my best ;D

Hi yourwishsir. How are you??

I always read this for moral support

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You will live pet...

Yes. Thank you. It just happens a lot. I'll talk to someone for several hours. It seems as though I've finally found who I've been looking for. Then I never hear from them. I mean it happens a LOT. I don't get it

Do you eventually send them nude photos? Yes or no.

Yes. Is that my first mistake????

i don't think it's possible to do online without nude pics .... certainly it's standard practice.

But maybe the question is.. Is that what they ultimately want?? This I don't understand I am avg at best. If they want naked pics they can get them a lot easier then talking to me for hours. Telling me how much they want to be with me .. Yada yada...then the next day ...poof! Like we never spoke.

some of them, yes I think it's all they want. Like some men on here just want to **** while talking to you and sending you **** pics. Maybe it's the grey version of talking dirty, so it involves D/s talk. maybe an album of such photos might help? Friends only, if that's all they want they can get it without wasting so much of your time.

Well. To let you know.. He did answer me finally. I felt bad.. He had went to his daughters house an hour away to babysit both his grandkids. He contacted me as soon as he got home. He hadn't read the messages I sent. So he just might be a keeper. I may have found my daddy dom

Good luck then :)

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