I heavily believe in fairness and punishments and rewards. To me you are property, like maybe an expensive vase, you should be put upon a pedestal in the middle of the room and should require upkeep everyday. I'm not saying that other doms toss the vase in the closet and leaves you there but they have their methods and I have mine.

What gives me the thrill of being a good Dom is knowing what turns you on, what gets you off and gently pushing limits to give you new and amazing experiences. Know that your turned on gets me turned on. But don't mistake my chivalry as inferiority. When the situation demands it I bring the ******* hammer down.

Also I might be 21 but I've been in this for 4 or so years and its always fun to know more.

Have a fantastic day :)
Collegeguy3538 Collegeguy3538
22-25, M
Feb 28, 2015