A Lesson At The End Of The Day

It had been two years since I had been living with Jenifer, and coming home to her was the great pleasure of my day. She was always to remain naked in the house. And I was appreciate the body that I adore, along with the song and spirit, as living art at my pleasure. I heard her in the kitchen, there was the smell of frying chicken in the air, and I approached  with as much stealth as I could muster.  When I was finally upon her, I rested my hands gently on her hips and began the softly caress her as I nuzzled my lips on her neck.  She only gave a slight start to the suddenness of assault upon her, although she is well used to it.  I slid my hands up to her breast and caressed them gently at first but then began to pinch her nipples as to cause her the ever so slightest of pain. Then I whispered in her ear with stern yet calm purpose.  I told her that she was to met me in the living room as soon as the meal was cooked.  There was a slight tremble and sigh of resignation on her part as she knew she had committed an infraction.

I took my seat and was joined by the lady of the house in a few minutes.  I watch and admired her sensuous movements and she bent to kneel on the floor, head bowed eyes to the ground. 
" My dear, while I'm sure you've cooked an awesome meal, there is one matter that concerns me.  Do you know what it is?"

Keeping her eyes casted to the ground, she shook her head and said, " No sir."

"When you're cooking it is always necessary for you to wear an apron.  Especially if that's all you have on, and most especially if you are going to be frying food.  You know that grease burns can be very nasty, and I don't want you getting one.  I know I have discussed this with you before, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"So you've been given a warning but disregarded what I said anyway.  Do you have anything to say, anything I should know?"

She shook her head, no.  She knows my judgments to be fair and I always take her circumstances into consideration. It's never a game where I set her up to fail.  I want much more than that for her.  I ordered her over my knee..  First offenses are usually hand spankings only.  As she laid that luscious, bubble ,butt over my knee, I just thought about how much of a shame it was to mark that sweet flesh; but but I do not stop until the flesh is red and tears are shed. So I went about my work for the evening.  I slapped her *** with my open hand until I felt the warmth rising.  first pink then her but turned red.  I gave her some slaps on her upper thighs foe a minute before returning to her ***.  The tears had started to flow, but I kept up the spanking just to drive home the point.  I lift her to her feet and hug as she cried and rocked her in my arms until she was calm.  I looked in those soft, lovely eyes and realize it is love, not fear that I must inspire.   I then placed her in the corner for some meditation on her error.  I went back in the kitchen a served myself dinner.  It  was delicious.
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There's such a sweet tenderness and intimacy to this story.