A Five

Just took a test and apparently I am a type 5 - sounds alot like me and unfortunately it scares me becuase i feel that i am leaning toward the reclusive end of the type 5 spectrum  I, at this moment, really have no friends, dont really want to go any where to be with others, and feel like I cannot approach many people to befriend them.  My quietness over the past few years has put others off and make them think I am uptight and far superior to them - quite the opposite!  I am just shy, like to observe the world, and think that I should only speak up when I have something important to say.  I would love any advice others may have to help me over this slump!  I am at a crossroads in my life, a stay at home mom, and am really quite lonely...

41-45, F
Feb 25, 2009