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evp is when you catch supposedly "voices from the other side" there has been so many cases. some can be written of as background noise or interfereance i suppose but when the investigators actually get direct answers to their questions, its not so easily written of. i tried it myself. i went to an area where a woman got killed near me. you record for 30 seconds then you start asking direrect questions. so i did, and the first few times i got nothing, then i got a lot of things in one night. at one point i had said, "say something, prove to me your here" and the was a kind of echoing woman's laugh. another time i had said "where are you" and i was answered with "i'm coming" it was rather eerier at first but i got used to it. its very interesting and hard to explain.

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Thank you for sharing! I have been a paranormal investigator for the last four years now and for the first year I have gotten nothing, I guess it's the same as meeting someone for the first time, you don't talk as much but once you got to know them it get's easier to talk :) But I have gotten pretty good EVP's this last year or so.

no problem :)
yeah it can take a while sometimes, have you gotten specific replies to your questions?

One or two but most seem to be asking for help and ways to find them, I will continue to try and get direct responses but I figured it must be very difficult for them x

i know what you mean, i havent hgad a go for a while i really should get back into it again

Yeah :) Just remember the more you talk to them the more they would want to talk back to you, after all, they are people just like you and me but without their physical bodies xx

i will thanks :) x

If you would like to see what type of EVP's I get you're more than welcome to visit my YouTube page:


And if you have any questions or if you feel a little unsure you can always message me too :) xxx

wow thanks a lot!

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Ablmu, if you play the recordings back, in a room different from the original source of sound, can it entice "other" spirits or voices to become present?

I was wondering what this "Group" was all about! So, this is like that "White Noise?" thing we hear about? Is that what it's called?

i'm not entirely sure but to be honest i doubt it. these voices can't be heard untill you play back the tape as you don't hear them while your recording. the voices your hearing sound interesting though, if you do any more research let me know!

Now that is truly interesting. Hearing voices like that would probably freak me out just a bit.