EVP/Frank's Box

I love hearing the sounds of ghosts on the EVP. I watch Ghost Hunters and Paranormal state as much as I can. EVP is cool but have you heard about "Frank's Box"? It's a device that actually plays the ghosts talking right there on the spot instead of having to record and listen later. You should google it! It's a pretty cool device!

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did you see the philm white noise appantley this was a true story but they recon that that two out of three evps can be of threatning nature and not to dabble to much in to it ,

count me in Ive had a few expereinces with other things as well when my mother passed my telly kept going into a heartbeat then it would turn off ,my sister passed very recent my telly went on and off twice ,also this is a long story but true ,you see my fatherinlaw passed a few years ago now tracey my daughter and being my fatherinlaws favorite grandaughter decided that she would take a pic of her granfather in the coffin at the funeral parlour ,a few years later tracey had a pic of her taken with a diffrent camera alll together and her granfather showed up on the photo it was exacltley the same pic as she had of him in the coffin,also my other daughter went passed my fatherinlaws place where he lived and low and behold we looked at that pic onley to find my father inlaw on that pic as well standing at the front door,do we still exist on this plane even though we have passed over I do think so

I'm not afraid! I'm a huge TAPS and Parnormal state fan too!! I've only seen the Frank's box used once on a show and it was amazing! I think you would have to get used to interpreting the EVP's because the guy using it seemed to know what it said, but it wasn't all that clear. I wonder if that device is reliable enough to use, as far as Jason and Grant's standards. I think it would be really awesome to use it, you could really communicate effectively. It seems to act like a mechanical medium. Very cool! Wish I could afford one! Let us know if you have used one or any further info