i think relationships like this are great because it gives young people a chance to explore their options. no body gets hurt when everyone is in agreement with this and it could also be fun
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I recommend a new book called _More Than Two_. I am polyamorous myself. Polyandry is a great option for some as are group relationships.

I never dated when I was your age. I was 24 when I went on my first date. What I did have was a group of friends from when I was 16 until I was 24. There were about 15 of us, pretty evenly split mail and female. We pretty much had exactly what your describing as a group relationship. There was the occasional pairing, most ended quickly and with minimal hurt feelings. Sometimes members of our group dated outside the group but that was rare. There was a lot of experimentation with bisexual behavior. We use to rag on each other openly about making sure we all used condoms because "I'm going to hit that next". It may sound a bit crude but we had fun and only a couple of pregnancy scares. Eventually we all coupled out, only one couple within the group.I meet a girl at work and after a few years living together got married , had kids, moved across the country and am now divorced. I dearly miss those days and those friends.

We were all roommates with each other at one point. The whole situation grow out of a policy that if you got wasted at someones place you couldn't leave until you were sober. We experimented with a lot more then just sex and never had a DUI either. It was odd in that if you got in an argument with one person you quickly had 12 or more others there to help you settle it. We really did form a family for many years.