The Untold Story In The Little Mermaid.

A young, beautiful mermaid falls in love with a dashingly handsome human prince, after saving him from drowning. In the hope of winning the prince’s heart, she asks the sea witch for a pair of human legs. The witch agrees to give the mermaid the most beautiful pair of legs known to man. But there’s a catch: every step the mermaid takes will feel like it was taken on razorblades – her feet will bleed ceaselessly. And even worse, her greatest possession.... a beautiful mermaid voice-- will forever be silenced. But the mermaid, in love with the Prince, agrees to the deal.

The next morning, the prince finds the mermaid washed up on the shore, naked, with her beautiful new human legs. Long story short, he marries another woman. The mermaid, after toying with the idea of killing the Prince, eventually throws herself into the ocean and dies.

I always preferred this version over Disney’s rendition. Some children might beg to differ.

-(Hans Christian Anderson – Fairy Tales 1839)
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8 Responses Jan 7, 2013

So this is an old version of the same story? How cruel.

it's not the same without a hot crustacean band

I didn't know there's another version for this story, haha

Maybe the original version was more like real life, but -- kids would not have liked it...

Agreed, cinerella is also very different. Gold slippers. No godmother, cutting off toes and heels, and crows pecked out the stepsisters eyes. Disny had to change it.

romantic. . . lol

yeah I know Hans . . . that bastard . . . hahahahaha . . . think I'll hold tight to the fantasy thank you . . . . lol . . .

That's beautiful.