Owning An Unwilling Striaght Young Male Sex Slave

While in prison, I found that a huge secret is that young, white, straight males who have no one on the outside who would care much if they just sort of vanished could be targeted to be sold to wealthy men as sex slaves. I won't elaborate further but in some states it happens much more than anyone would imagine. One reason is that no one would ever believe this so victimizing males is far safer than females. Through what I have seen and learned, I know of a truck stop notorious for where to purchase males usually between 18 and 25.

Yeah, I think I would like to own a male slave. I would not be sadistic, but I would treat him like a slave. Owning another straight male and using him for sex is considered by many straight men (in sub cultures now and many cultures going back thousands of years) to be one of the ultimate displays of power and dominance.
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I would want to be owned and used and treated as a slave.

I would be interested in serving as a sex slave, preferably to a professional or creative type, so long as I'd be treated decently, with some degree of independence, not abused or tortured, and without risk of AIDS or other STDs.

I have never been in prison (thankfully though I have many fantasies), but I have seen the selling of white males personally. I happened upon such an event, and stayed hidden. The interested buyers were white and black males. I couldn't believe this often fantasized/feared scenario was real. I was extremely aroused, but totally scared. When I felt safe, I immediately went to the police to report it, but nothing was ever done, and they didn't even seem like they cared. I did more online investigating and I am amazed at how often this really does happen, right under our noses, or even in plain view without anyone passing by having a clue. This is a huge fantasy of mine (being both a buyer as well as being sold as a slave) however, I know fantasies are quite often very different than reality, so deep down, I really do not wish it on anyone. Role playing, or truly willing participants in the lifestyle are awesome though since it would be completely consensual.

that does sound interesting i would not mind such thing

Well, I moved into cheap loft nd brought 3 hot, white young (oldest will be 25 in few years). They were in shelters so they obey me or go back. We are naked on webcam 24/7 and weekends I beat, torture, and rape my boys. I love my guys and it's mostly acting. Weird, but it's not sexual for us. I actually learned to like a man's tiny anus. Amazed at how it stretches. Except that now I think I love one of these kids and think he likes me too!

If you are naked on webcam does that mean that you have a site where it is being broadcast?

I'm wondering this too?...!

Wow, nice. Why do you think you love one of your kids and vice versa?

I would be interested in being a mans slave. There are so meant faucets to this that in intrigue me.