Am Interested? I Just Love Languages!

My native tongue I spoke for some 30 years, I always tried to use the language as it was intended, correct and comprehensive.

During my high school period, I learned 3 more, but none of them as profound as when I moved to Britain. There my level of English improved quick and when I started to use English on a more creative level, I learned even more.

For some odd reason I felt I had to learn Russian at some point, at which I became quite good, but due to lack of practise I forgot a lot.

After Britain came Hellas (Greece), where I learned Hellenic.

And now, I'm in France, speaking French almost all the time...

Every time I hear a new language, I listen for things I can find in other languages. This enables me to understand a lot of the European languages.

Now I'm at a stage I can say I'm fluent in 5 languages, and can express myself on a basic level in 3 more. Personally I hate the slow pace at which I absorb the languages, but on the other hand creativity seems to make it easier.

Be proud of your language, use it well, and try not to deteriorate it by using l33tsp34k or txt.

Perturbee Perturbee
46-50, F
Sep 6, 2009