Henny Will Live Forever

Henny Will Live Forever.
Orlando Lujan Martinez

Henny is not a compulsive consumer but does, once and awhile give into temptation. Despite her effort to resist she becomes an victim of the consumer life style demanded by the economic machine and its seductive promise that happiness can be found through shopping and spending money.
There always seemed to be just one more item that Henny needed to be satisfied. Like an excercise machine, a new kitchen gadget or getting her future told over the phone.
"Hello my name is Henny Mary Condero and I would like to know something about my future, she said to the voice that answered the phone at the three dollars a minute at The True Future Reading Institute.
"Glad you called darling. My name is Shirley Lilac and I can understand your concern about the future. May I have your full name please?"
"I just gave you my first name," Henny insisted.
"Yes I know but may I have again."
"****, OK Henny Mary Condero," Henny said slowly.
"A lovely name. Has a lot of strength and your birth date?"
July the fourth 1980," Henny lied because the date sounded more dramatic.
"Isn't that wonderful. Your a forth of July baby."
"I'm glad you called because more and more people are beginning to realize how important the future is to...well to their future. If I may be redundant, if I may say."
'Sure. Okay. What's my future? I ain't got all the damn time in the world. I have something on the stove," Henny said impatiently. Showing the con-artist Ms. Lilac that she was on to her game.
Ms. Lilac started with her usual advise. "There will be a new love in your life, Prosperity, and peace and you will meet a stranger who will take you into a new phase in life and even it may be strange at the time . If you look at the future benifits..."
Future benefits.?" Henny exclaimed, "The benefits of what? Paying all my bills."
"...that will come to you when you will have the patience to wait..."
"Wait! What the hell are you talking about. I've been waiting all my life."
'You will find that to be beneficial and..." Shirley drones on, occasionally asking a question. Running up the bill. With Henny nodding the affirmative.
Finally Henny Mary had enough, Hey, wait what kind of crap is this? I just want to know the important stuff."
"Please don't interrupt me, I'm communicating with the the spirits of the future."
"Okay, but I smell something burning. Andrew put that dam thing down! Henny suddenly cried out.
I ain't doing nothing," Her son Andrew answered.
Just wait until I get off the phone, you little rascal."
All this time Ms, Lilac chatters on. The parking meter was running so she really doesn't care if Henny wanted to take the time to read the constitution or chase Andrew or go stir the stew "
Finally, Henny gathered her courage and stuttered, "When...when will I die." holding her breath for the answer.
"Ms Condero, "do you believe in God?
"Yes," Henny lied.
"Then you shall never die."
"Thank you,thank you very much," the very relived Henny said, hanging up before she could hear something that might complicate what she just hear to her satisfaction.
"That was a close call," Henny sigh, pleasantly planning to living for eve
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Jul 28, 2010