Hobbit House

I have only a limited idea of what building codes are like in other places. Here in my neck of the woods -- Kansas, yes, we have woods -- they are pretty strict.  I suppose that they have largely to do with preventing fires from spreading from house to house and with minimizing the number of houses that collapse.  However, it takes all the fun out of building when you must use certain types of materials and can not build underground. 


So, here is the current happy reason for the misery I feel about my own area.  In a land known for all of its painful rules, someone built a Hobbit-looking house.  It is nothing less than beautiful.  Yes, a couple in Wales with limited building skills and a bit of help from their friends was allowed to create this, while I am restricted to beige boxes.  Well done, Simon and Jasmine.  Well done, Wales. 

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2 Responses Aug 4, 2012

Tis the cutest little home ever :)

Just saw the Hobbit movie... I'd like to see the inside! Have you??

Not in person. I am about five years away from building mine. It will be a concrete dome, but hopefully not sterile. I plan on making the outdoor living space the main living space, with the dome for sleeping and winter.

Here is Simon Dale's actual website from when they built it. You have to remove the space I put in the link.

http://www. simondale.net/

Also, here is a link to about ten Hobbit houses in other places. Good stuff. Same thing about removing the space I put in the link. If I don't do that, the EP computer thinks I am spamming you.


Wait. The link worked. I forgot to put a space in there. This is a great improvement.

Thanks for the links. I'm going to look at those when I get a moment. I've already bookmarked 'em. The home pages looked irresistible. Thanks again!