Becoming a Nudist

I never thought I would ever become a nudist nor had I ever thought about what it was like to be nude around others. That was soon to change when I married my husband. We had just built a new house and moved in the day after our wedding. This was 1980 and in the middle of August and hot. We were both 20 years old and did not know much about anything. We both worked and went back to work right a way. No vacations in 1980 with 13 1/2% interest rates. So we would get home from work and with no A/C in the house we would walk in thru the laundry room and take off our work clothes and walk nude upstairs to shower and cool down. We never thought anything of being nude at our new home. We started to sit around nude more and more but once in a while my sister would drop by and without knocking would walk in so we would go and put clothes on. One day she asked  "what is this ...a nudist colony"? And for the first time it made us wonder...are we nudists to enjoy being cool in our own home? We soon realized that was what we have become without realizing it.

That winter by a blazing wood stove and remaining nude at home we talked about if others like us are around our area. Not knowing how to find out we went to a **** shop to see if anything was in the magazines there. We really did not see anything that we would ever be interested in. We finally asked the clerk and he showed us a magazine with personal ads in it. There we found what sounded like a nudist and the clerk allowed us to copy the address without buying the **** mag. We got home and wrote to the couple immediately. We soon got a phone call from them and we arranged to meet them the following weekend. We were nervous but willing to meet them. It went very well and they gave us local resorts we could join.

Our first time at a nudist resort was so calm and peaceful. We both were hooked and we knew 100% sure we were nudists and when my sister came after that we no longer ran for clothes. We even invited her to go to a beach with us and she later found out it was nude and she stayed clothed but loved the idea we were nudists and felt so free.  She repeated that statement for years. It made us feel great to have her support and when my Mom found out she would kid us about nudist colonies.

It has been a wonderful life for us. It is going on 28 years for us and just wished we told more people about nudism in the 80's It would have spread faster with more help. Spread the good news to friends and family.

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Great story!!

i too am a nudist, but my current gf isn't except when we are out on the boat out on the ches. bay where there isn't much chance of "bumping"into anyone. i have been to whitetail at ivor near norfolk, va , paradise lakes, lake como, and caliente all near tampa. would love to hear more abou the resorts you attend or are members.. i am in the va beach area.

Hi..I read your story and quite enjoyed it.Well I'm a guy 24 years and work in traveling company.I was once never thought I can be nudist.<br />
<br />
its was about 4 yrs back I started walk around nude in my home. I stay with my mom and sister.My dad got separated and settled in Copenhagen. I used to sleep in nude from my teen age.My mom had then no idea I slept nude.<br />
<br />
One day she accidentally found me naked in my bedroom and later she okay with it. Later I also feel comfortable walking around naked my home.My sister also supported me quite well in this regard.They are not nudist.but never saw mom naked in front of us. My moms friends also saw me naked and mom explained them that I love to stay nude in home. <br />
<br />
It was really really wonderful experience so far..but mom and sister never reacted with my occasional erection and supported very well through out.

Hi, I read u story. First; sorry if my english isn't correctbecause i am from Belgium and we talk Dutch here.<br />
I am a 34 farmer, married and have 2 little girls. I like to nude too, but my wife not soo much. So if we are sitting in the sun in the garden I prefer to be naked.My wife hold on her bikini and she don't wan't me to be naked in the garden when the children are around.<br />
If she is working i walk naked in the house by day too.<br />
Be lucky that U have the same interesd about being a naturist. It's soo nice too be naked and specialy when everyone doing it.<br />
I hope i can get wy wife so far that we can go to a nude beach or something.<br />
Enjoy life and the nature.<br />
A happy 2008<br />
<br />
A belgium Farmer

I hope to hear from others with nudist experiences