Interracial Black Couple Seeking Second Wife For Heterosexual Christian Polygamy

Hello, my name is Neka. Hopefully if you are viewing this, we have similar interest! A little bit about myself- I'm an all natural, 20 year old, passionate, happily married African American woman. This blog is not only to introduce myself but also to let people who are interested, and possibly share the same interest in on a major part of my life which is Christian Polygamy. Trust me when i say that it is not something that is for everyone. Women especially have a hard time getting past fleshly holds that are not of God and that they have let rule them(jealousy, envy, greed,pride ). It is amazing what can be accomplished when we surrender ourselves to God and make sacrifices for a higher purpose and calling. For some people i may have lost there attention a long time ago, others who are more mature and have a more spiritual connection, they are probably more interested. If you are of those who are interested, don't hesitate to send me a message to know more, share information, or just chat!!!        divinepolycouple at yah oo dot com
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I am interested in being a sister wife, but my family has to live in PA or OH (since i have fam here). I dont know where to look. Can anyone help me?

I'm interested in having a sister wife but not sure how to find her. I'm happily married. I want to share my man with another woman that is also a mother or wishes to be.

Hmmm, EP sent me a query asking if I might comment here, however I'm not sure I'm qualified. I have always been curious about the polygamous lifestyle, and in fact I do believe it to be perfectly sc<x>riptural. Many of the men in the bible lived a polygamous life as I'm sure you know. I think it might have been easier in those days. But that's said of a lot of things in life. I wish you all the best, and would be interested in knowing how your search goes.