Need Some Direction.

My wife and I have been searching for a sisterwife for about a year now. It is a difficult thing to do for us because I don't want to meet someone I like, then when I tell them the details of the lifestyle I want, they high tail it. Or being up front about it just gets me awkward questions, funny looks, and the reception is all around negative. I am 25, and my wife is 27. Does anyone here have any advice on finding a sisterwife?
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7 Responses Jan 30, 2012

Oh my! I hope you have found what you were looking for despite all of the negative backlash on here. The most important thing is to have a strong and healthy relationship with your wife. This will draw in the right sisterwife for the both of you.

Have you talked to the morman church ? It sounds like they would have all the information you need.

hi, hey i know the feeling...i am from the FLDS group, and i have been out for 8 yrs and i have a sisterwife, but it is all my choice....<br />
on your search, just one thing to keep in mind, wat is most desired and focused on is wat you eill get, just be patient, she willl show up , hehe, my sisterwife and i have been looking to add another and its been a year also for us..<br />
all i can say is keep in mind that every person has a past, and its the future that we are making and the woman that you find will be the perfect match and you will be happy thru all the trials and challanges<br />
so if you need anything..i mean it, just to talk, im here..dont get disuraged<br />
we need people ti support poly minded people....

I am glad everyone is concerned with my well-being. Makes me feel bad that I am not more concerned with YOUR lives. But I do believe you mis-read my original post. It did not ask for reasons not to do this. If I was concerned about others opinions about me, I wouldn't have had nearly as much fun in college. This post was for suggestions, and yours was aknowledged and disregarded.


How is the search for a sister wife I hope you find what you are looking for good luck

Its going well. Still looking for a good match. Thank you for your kind words.

uh huh i grew up in short creek az! i have watched that crap ruin hundreds of famlies, probably thousands of lives! it dont matter if i tell or not your neighbors will gossip about you. rumors entertain the neighbors lol so if you want that lifestyle go for it its really none of my business but i have witnessed polygamy for 40 years and i will judge you just like everybody else in the united states! <br />
consider yourself judged by nobody and everybody

I won't tell anyone if you don't. We can just call her a "roommate". Then when we ARE happy, we can make fun of the retards that told us to go to Texas and ask a fundamentalist MORMON for the Hook-Up. <br />
<br />
What gives you the right to judge other people?? Your parents must be proud for raising gods perfect little *******.

you could go to a texas jail and ask warren jeffs to hook you up! lol! if you and your wife want that lifestyle you will be judged by everybody and if you get another woman to live like that with you you all must hate happieness!

His problem was marrying underage girls and having sex with them.