If It'll Make My Husband Happt, It Will Make Me Happy.

My husband and I had a deep conversation just this afternoon. I was diagnosed infertile about 3 yrs ago, and would like to adopt but dh doesn't want that. He wants a child beared from his loins. Since I get stressed so easily he doesn't think I can handle children. So, he said be wants a second wife possibly a third to bear his children.
I am interested in this idea, if it makes my husband happy then itll make me happy.
I would like to talk to someone who is in a polygamy relationship. I would love to know how they live.
I know it will be hard, but who said love wasn't easy?

But I'm a bit skeptical, I don't know how I would feel that my sister wives are having children and not me. I know they would be considered my children as well, but i won't have children that are apart of me. But over all that, I'd probably love having a sisrer wife. :)
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I'm not into Polygamy but I have & still know some couples that practice today privately. It's not easy at all cause it's just not a ounce and awhile relationship. she's there twenty-four-seven also. And hate to say it's her kid and his emotions get harder then cause his kid comes first. Not the one adopted plus the kid is a trump card if you guys have problems.

Did u post this to get opinions?<br />
<br />
A very tuff concept !<br />
Just a thought? Is this multiple wife a solution, although it will provide u with a child it also provides ur life with another spouse? A serogate will do the same while ur mariage remains the same...

My troll sense's are tingling...

What is that supposed to mean?! 0_o

First of all, the most important thing is, even without your husband's thoughts on the matter, how do you really feel about it? Can you share your husband without jealousy? Make sure to set boundaries... If you don't get along with the other woman, then it's not going to work.<br />
Also, strike a compromise. If she gets pregnant, can you still adopt. It might make it easier if you have a child that is" yours" and it will feel good to make a difference in that child's life. Make sure to talk to your husband and see what works best for both of you, not just one of you. I hope this works out for you, as you said, it may not be easy.

I am not a jealous person when it involves sharing my husband. I an actually excited about wanting a new wife. I took your advice and I talked it over with him, and said we could. So, thank you very much. :) I hope it works out as well.

Good luck and I hope everything works out!