My Wife And I Are Looking For A Sister/wife

Written on sept 10 2012
My wife and i have been looking for a sister/wife. We are having problems finding someone. If you are interested let me know. we are looking for a sweet and loving woman, This a loving relationship and we will feel the same when you join are relationship

   I am looking for an online affair with possibbility of going real must be bisexual as i am a male involved in a relationship.

My girlfriend and I are interested in a female companion to share the rest of lives a sister/wife if you will.

We are not looking for someone with kids or divorced possible virgin but we know that may be impossible in short were not looking for someone whos been around the block

We are happy in love over five yrs old relationship I have two kids from prior marriage. I am stating the obvious here so that we will not waste your time if you are interested.

we drink on ocasions such as xmas birtdays etc we dot smoke my wife is very sexy spanish dougla iam east indian we live in the West Indies.

So we are brown in complexion due to the Caribbean island of Trinidad & Tobago were we live

I am 33 yrs of age we are athletic built I love outdoors sports and movies love making
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31-35, M
Sep 10, 2012