I So Wanna Be a Sister Wife

yeah well i am interested in polygamy...Now maybe this is selfish but i have never really been a very domesticated girl. Don't like cooking and cleaning but absolutely love kids, and desperately want a family, But i live in nyc and i don't kno how to really meet practicing polygamist families. i am not the jealous type, so i think polygamy might just be for me...beyond that...i don't kno. but that's my story. 

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I live in NYC and would love to chat with you about polygamy...maybe you would like my family. Hit me michaelkane2877@gmail

Its interesting you're open to the lifestyle. Being confident & not jealous is a start. Committed to a family and open is next. Most families aren't into just experimenting, however. You have to be sincere in your endeavors & compromise. Be willing to learn & bring more to the table.

Hi! You sound so interesting! Me and my man are looking for a sweet and loving sister wife to share our lives with! We live here in the Metro-Atlanta Area and are curious if you might be interested in moving here? We have 6 children between us (ages 8-20). I am a full-time working mom (41) and he (50) works from home.

We're looking also , we're in Mississipi and wanting a wife to join us and have more kids , with wife being bi u think it would be easy to find another female .

I am a sisterwife and I had thought about it before I came into the relationship and had my own questions about it. But as I talked to my sisterwife and husband about I found out that its almost the same as having a relationship with just one person.<br />
You have your ups and downs just like any relationship, but you all work it out. I dont do alot of cooking myself, but I do help out with the cleaning. We have 2 children that live with us. One is 12 and the other just turned 2, both girls and it is alot of work but having the support of another woman helps alot. Both of us (wives) work everyday and our husband works as well, just in other ways. <br />
We dont live in Utah either, we live in Texas and there arn't very many poly families here, but we make do. If you have any other questions or comments, your more than welcome to message me or my huband morningbear with anything.

my wife and I have been looking for a sister wife for a year now. I am 25 she is 27. we are on sisterwives.net. (the_bu_bu) its a free site to connect with people with similar interests. you only have to pay for more pic space and a larger inbox. neither are necessary though

hi<br />
maybe you are that i am looking for.<br />
<br />
I looking for a second wife because my wife can not have a baby.<br />
well maybe a humble marriage but with responsibility.

you are my twin. (a female one)

Me and My husband are in search of a sister wife. We are a younger couple 27 and 30. We love children, we have 3. Both are working professionals. We are not morman and we do not live in Utah. <br />
If this sounds like the begenning of what you are looking for e-mail me and we can chat and find out.<br />
We live in Michigan also... btw :) FoxyLadyLea@aol.com

my freinds are in Wusc and we are also setting up a poly house./

my partner and i are looking for a bi-female interested in venturing into a friendship, building up a rapport with a view to taking her on as a sister wife.<br />
<br />
originally we were looking at the idea of just a bit of fun, you know, maybe a ********* etc but then i took a step back and thought "im sure i would want more than that" and my partner feels the same way....i love the idea of having another woman as a companion, a friend, a playmate, someone to talk to and for my partner and myself to have someone to share our lives with and explore and experiment together. <br />
<br />
Everyone i know that is or has been in a poly relationship always seem to be more contented, more happy, less stressed/anxious and i love the idea of really getting to know someone as a prospective sister wife, someone who doesnt just want a quick fling!<br />
<br />
however saying this, weve found it really difficult to locate anyone in the uk and so are now taking our search a little further.<br />
<br />

Married couple looking for a Poly Bi F to join our home, share our life and each other, Must love camping, movies, music, and enjoy being loved. I am 50, wife is 41, we prefer someone 18-35 but age is only a number. Our Sister wife would sleep with us in our bed. Someone intrested in having children is something we would enjoy. If intrested message us back. Must be willing to relocate to Wisconsin.

Hey! My sister P is not domestic also and she had no trouble getting two hubbies consecutively!<br />
<br />
Her family came over recently and her hubby said that he liked coming here because we cooked " from scratch!"<br />
<br />
At home she was known as "Miss order in!"<br />
<br />
Plural marriage requires many skills, including relationship skills many the same as if you were in a mono situation. Gaining those skills helps guarantee that your children will have some continuity in their lives.<br />
<br />
I suggest that you start fooling around and see what happens. <br />
<br />
As far as a guy is concerned the rule is that just showing up is enough. lol<br />
<br />
I know that they seem to be in short supply. Look at it as if you were gaining experience. That might takw the pressure off.<br />
<br />
Best wishes to you always, <br />
<br />
-Loki 44.

Ugh... why do people think all poly families are mormon, live like a cult or wear prairie dresses. That just is NOT so. There are plenty of suburban poly families. <br />
<br />
First educate yourself about poly families. Forum's like www.sisterwives.yuku.com is a good place to start. Read everything including the brutal truth's section.<br />
<br />
Poly families come in all shapes and sizes, you don't have to even be totally domestic. That isn't a prerequisite.

very well put we agree..we are also trying to set that up

Hello Sexyasspothead lol nice name. Just a quick question.. What are you looking for in a family? There is a really strong demand for a family looking for sisterwives. We have been looking for 3 years and with no luck. Hope you find what your looking for.

we are looking as well. then we all decied where to live etc

i like relationships tho...so idk about swinging, thanks for the comments everyone, but i can't move to Utah and i don't wanna be Mormon...i also thought polygamy was cool B4 BIG LOVE Mr. idispair.

Oh God, I am definitely NOT interested in being a mormon! ICK!! did you see the clothes those poor women had to wear?!? I would rather be dead. And they only do churchy things and cook and clean. I could never live a DAY in that life! <br />
You might be more interested in a swinger's club. They can be with anyone they want to, their marriages are open, and they don't have to be domestics with no life outside the kitchen.

I think youve been watching too much of Big Love...

You'll have to stop poking smot if you want to be a mormon.