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I was involved with an evangilistic church for over 20 years.  as time progressed it was getting farther and farther away from it's roots, so I left. That was 17 years ago.

Fast forward to today. The pastor changed the doctrines being preached over and over. Finally, he said God showed him polygamy is OK. Of course, he naturally said that God wanted him to have more than one wife.

At first it was a girl in her 20's, then there were more, and they kept getting younger and younger. The youngest I have heard of is between 8-10 years old. *One point here. If any women is considering this. This is a power trip, women are reduced to an asset, just like an expendable piece of property.

I am in comunication with many exmembers from my old church. We are doing everthing we know to put a spotlight on these activities.

Some of the young girls that have escaped have told how they were coerced into these 'marriages' against their will.

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the mormons practiced polygamy, largely because they moved to the desert and needed to build a population to fill this land with. <br />
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Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but mormon polygamy was considerably less detrimental in many ways, as compared to polygamy practiced in other areas of the world.

I appreciate everone's comments and appologize for not responding sooner.<br />
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Moretolove and kaiSparks; <br />
I greatly beg to differ with you. It is about power, and it is about posession. The sad reality is that it is not just consenting adults that are affected.<br />
It is often the children in the second and third generation that suffer the most. <br />
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I have done my homework. You need to have a closer look at the cultures that have allowed polygamy and look at the state of women. Do you think most women would wear a birka if they had a choice? <br />
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What about in India where a wife can be murdered by her in-laws without a whisper for justice?<br />
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Maybe you perfer Africa where a wives are beaten and young girls raped often by consent of their fathers?<br />
<br />
Can you name one culture in the world where polygamy is openly accepted as the norm and women are not mistreated?<br />
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Here are a couple of articles perhaps you will like:<br /><br /><br />
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naznude- No his name is not Warren Jeffs, but he is a pervert. His name is Tony Alamo. You can find more info on him at:

Was your pastor Warrin Jeffs? That's not polygamy, he's a pervert, and rapist.

My understanding, however small, of polygamy is that there are consenting parties that have opted to unconditionally love one another similar to that of a monogamist relationship. Only there are more people involved. I must agree with moretolove that it is sad that some people use polygamy to abuse the young. If a elder person were to marry into a monogamist relation with an 8-10 year old wouldn't that also be a form of child perversion? I thinks so. Its only one makes for better media than the other.

There are bad people in monogamy too.. it isn't the thing but the person that's bad. You can't blame monogamy itself for the idiots who abuse it and the same is with polygamy. Polygamy in and of itself isn't evil. It isn't about force or coersion. It isn't about sexual exploits or brainwashing. It isn't about power struggles or making women posessions. It isn't about **********, child abuse, or welfare fraud.<br />
It's about LOVE and the ability to love more than one other adult in a healthy way.<br />
If all you see and notice are bad examples then you have to do your homework and see if there isn't another side to the story you may be missing. You can't judge something by a few bad apples.