I Am Interested In What Makes People Think The Way They Do...

I think it is fascinating to learn about other people and watch the way they work. I know that environment has a lot to do with a person's personality, but it is also genes as well. But i have to laugh at myself here because i am one strange person. I was told in my psychology class that I "was one in a class of my own" when we took personality profile tests. I loved that class. I took Abnormal Psychology, and that just got me more into the whole study. I have recently studied DSM 4 and basically read the thing in a week. People laugh at me because I guess I am just a geek at heart. I am minoring in Psychology but may double major in social work and Psychology before it is all over with. To me, it isnt work...
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I googled "Interested in the way people work" and your story is what I got. And I'm a member of experience project too! Would you mind if I asked you some questions about your interest in psychology?

Psychology is quite interesting, more often is come down to how brainwashed one is or cares to believe one is, thought pattern can sometimes be linked to what group or society one is from.<br />
Human studies or the study of human beings is an interesting one.

It is possible to observe people reactions and actions, unfortunately we are not able to "know" what people think. We, humans, have so many thoughts running at the same time, so very often even "we" - ourselves do not know what we think at this particular moment. :)

Oh my you have some very good career choices ahead of you kitten. I have always been interested in hearing people's stories and the reasons behind why they do the things they do. Some things are only one part of them, some things define their lives. I'll bet you get a pretty intuitive idea about people as soon as you meet them too. I call it picking up on their vibe. I can do that too. Over time my impression usually proves to be right. I love intelligence and great conversation and there is nothing better than being able to explore each other that way. There are a million things to talk about. You just need the right person to do it with. I have not studied psychology but have always been interested in it and observed it in the different types of jobs i have had. Any job working with the public helps you to see people in an individual way and treat each person in a way that you can help them and relate to what they're feeling.

The study of humans is never ending. You are sure to find plenty of interesting subjects and people here on EP. If you want to know more, please ask. I could talk about my experience and fetishes until you've heard enough, lol.

Personality tests, temperament tests...they can be fascinating, as long as one knows their limits. There's something very interesting about the way people think...or at least, the way certain people think. Some of my neighbors...I'd just as soon not know, I think.<br />
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