How Much Can You Trust People You Dont Know?

This is where confidence and the society you live in makes a big difference in your quality of life I believe.
A society that is used to leaving its back door open or leaves its keys in the cars ignition. Or asking someone for directions or talking to someone at the bar you dont know without fear. You may live in an absolute pit of a place, but if you can mostly trust the people around you despite not knowing them all must be a good thing? Or is it naive to be this trusting in the first place.
Yesterday I was shocked when I had apparently lost my bank card. I retraced my steps today and found I had left it in iceland (the shop) who held it safe for me. There is no sign this card has been used inappropriately or copied so far. Am I too trusting? One of my relatives said to me they may have copied the card and why didnt they return the card to my bank (which was around the corner). These were fair points and normal concerns. However, I said they held the card why would they copy it then give it back? It would be obvious who had done it. Or am I too trusting?
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1 Response Jan 7, 2013

I believe the world is filled with both heroes and villains. People you can trust as an absolute stranger and others who would throw your life away like you're a crumb or dirt. There's never a way to tell by just looking at someone. I believe this person was honest, but that doesn't mean everyone is. So just be careful.