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I Love Showing Off My Wife

Posted this story before under jayhawkcouple2012, but that account is froze for some reason ...

Hello. I'm new to this community and thought I might post an entry to introduce myself.

I'm 41 years old and have been married to my lovely wife (also 41) for 15 years. We have four children and despite that, my wife still looks almost as hot (her body was perfection before) as she did the day I met her. I still find her just as attractive as I did. She's 5-foot-10, 135-140 pounds, athletic build and remains a head-turner.

Like most men, I suspect, I was a fairly jealous sort prior to marriage -- always concerned that I was going to lose her to a better man. But once we were engaged and I became more secure in the relationship, my perspective changed. Suddenly, I began to realize that I was extremely proud of her and would actually get aroused by men paying attention to her.

This was solidified on our honeymoon in Jamaica when we went to a nude Island near our resort three times. With my sexy, tan wife laying out in all her glory (really tough for her because she was pretty modest at the time), it was a thrill to have a bunch of men come over and linger around her, some even bold enough to come up and visit just to get a better look.

After 6-7 years of marriage and the purchase of our first digital camera, I was able to convince her to take some lingerie and nude photos for me. My excuse was that I wanted to have photos of her breasts while nursing as they had grown from 34A-cups to almost a full C-cup. The photos were great and I constantly found myself looking at them and wishing I could show others how sexy they were.

Once I became more aware of some online communities, I realized there were plenty of opportunities to show off my wife's pics. I asked about this one time while we were having sex and although she seemed a little concerned, she was also turned on by the idea. She agreed to let me show pics as long as I cropped out most of her face.

Since then, I have enjoyed showing her off for many hours and have made online friends with several of her "fans." All the while, I felt like I was probably a bit strange for wanting to do this, but was thrilled to find several other like-minded individuals on this site who understand the thrill of seeing someone's real wife scantily clad or even fully nude.

Perhaps one of the biggest thrills of our marriage came last Christmas when she presented me with a collection of boudoir photos she had taken with a male professional photographer. Not only were the photos tremendously sexy, but the fact that she had posed topless for him absolutely drove me wild.
jayhawkcouple2011 jayhawkcouple2011 41-45, M 30 Responses Aug 3, 2011

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What a turn on knowing the photographer spent time with your lovely wife while she was topless and possibly more. Thanks for sharing such a hot story

she is hot as hell,,,,,keep posting about her.

Wow plz add

She sounds wonderful and looks great in your profile pic!

What a profile picture! Wow! add me please.

I know what you mean, my wife has done a few photo shoots with professional photographers. The best was finding a series of pics of her working three different toys in her perfect arse which up until then had been totally out of bounds. It was a great way for her to shed her inhibitions about anal! if you are still sharing. I have hot wife pics too if you like :)

I want my wife to get some pics taken by a professional but she has not done it and is quite conservative, so I think that it likely may not happen...........good on your wife is all I can say and I trust that they are classy erotic and sensual pics

add me please,and thanks for the pic

Ah ... nude beaches, digital cameras and boudoir photography ... some of our best creations ... but none more so than wives who indulge us :)

i have had a few pics taken and i know some are on the web. Feels dirty and sexy all at the same time<br />
<br />
A xx

Great minds think alike. I thought I was strange getting off see guys drool over my wife too. After years the sex is fantastic every time after we play.

Glad to have you here,,, Wife loves to drive/ride topless, and I love it..

Per your profile pic she looks lovely. You should be proud. Please add, would love to see more and comment. Thanks!

wow um I mean absolutely gorgeous. And it seems you have a hobby you both enjoy - makes it all the better. Just bought our first digital camera this year - maybe will get some shots I can post...

Great story, very honest and open. And, your wife is a knockout, dude. No wonder you enjoy showing her off. You are one fortunate fellow as far as that is concerned.<br />
<br />
I'll think I'l go have a little fantasy time, maybe share a drink with you while your wife serves us wearing nothing but that little g-string...

She looks beautiful and the fact that you (like me) are still so in love with her speaks volumes about your relationship.

i want my wife to do some pro shots...shes hot too

She looks gorgeous! Appreciate you sharing... would love to see pictures of her!

what a sexy story... it to get a huge thrill from even the thought of exposing my babe to others

very sexy!! i'd love to seee more of her and share mine with you

Was perfection? What a great body!

Exquisite! And she is absolutely stunningly beautiful and totally sexy! Thanks!

Wow ishe is hot love to see more! of her.

Any chance we will be able to see the boudoir photos? I'm sure that would be such awesome eye candy.

Thank your wife...and thank you...for sharing. I would love to be included in anything you care to share in the future. I am definitely a fan of your wife. :}~

She looks v sexy - please add me

Kansas girls are great !

AWESOME...... You have a super wife with a great body.....Would love to be added as a friend.

Very nice. Love the lingerie