Slutting It Up In Palm Springs

My husband and I have decided to spend 5 days in Palm Springs area every month recently. Not really knowing many people we started with the Swing sites online the last few months. This past week was  planned with all those couples we have met previously and enjoyed their company.
We came up Thursday afternoon and had our first couple meet us at our house in Palm Springs. There we soaked in the jacuzzi and headed to the bedroom where we had a great night of sex. They didn't leave until they made breakfast in bed for  us  and another round of fuc*ing.
We hurried them out because we had guests for lunch as well.
We laid in the sun and swam with them and us girls got together than we sucked each others husbands off. They had plans for Friday night and we had invited 3 different couples to our favorite sex club, knowing not everyone will show up.
One couple picked us up and we had to drive an hour back towards LA to the club, arriving by 9:30pm. We danced and were shocked to see the other 2 couples as well. We all dirty danced and the 6 of us, along with another couple we knew went to the **** room and got naked. first the giirls made a dog pile and while we were eating each other the guys started fuc*ing us from behind or in the mouth, whatever was open. We had a ball and after nearly 2 hours we went back to the bar and dance floor.. Us girls didn't bother dressing and the guys put on the required undewear and we all danced and drank for a while before I went back to the playroom with one of the couples and hubby. the girl is only 36 and a very sexy body who we mutually **** dived with the guys giving it to us in the ***** while we munched down a bald carpet. It was so good. Her husband is very good looking, much younger than I and shaved down the way I like it. He left me a huge load and his wife cleaned me out before we returned to the dance floor.
We headed home with me in the backseat with gf's husband and my gf proceeded to play with my husband while we were driving. It was amazing we got home safely but they stayed the night with us.It was 4 AM when we got home.
Next morning nearly noon, after being woken to 2 ***** in 2 holes we went out to the jacuzzi where the guys proceeded to do the same to the wife . It was fun watching and I got into the action with my tongue on her as well. When they left , we relaxed in the sun naked around the pool. We were free until late evening when we are going for a jacuzzi at another friends. The pool man walked in while I was tanning naked of course and commented on my body. I told him I'd love to see his younfg sexy body since he came in without a shirt and just shorts. He removed his shorts and was hard already with a very large coc*. It looked good enough to eat and was afraid I couldn't get it in me being a bit sore from all the fuc*ing. I suc*ed him off instead but was surprised he couldn't last 5 minutes. What a waste of a huge coc*, I rubbed his *** all over my chest.
Saturday evening came and and we decided to surprise our friends  by ringing the doorbell naked. It was dark in the neighborhood and knew no one could really see us. They loved it and we immediatly went down on each other. after she was eating me for a while the guys proceeded to fuc* us with my husband doing her from the behind while her husband stuck his big coc* in my mouth and fuc*ked me real good. We went out to the jacuzzi to talk and play and came back in to fool around and we stayed the night. The next morning we got in the car naked and drove home. At this point I didn't care who saw us.
We left fairly early next morning because The Superbowl was Sunday and we each had a party to go and we had to get some rest. We slept all day and missed the first hour of the party at a friends house. At half time, the guys joined all us girls who were naked in the living room giving oral to each other. I was fuc*ed by 5 different guys I never met before and don't usually do that. It was great and the other 3 guys who did me, knew what I liked most and they missed the the second half doing me.
My husband and I went home exhausted and knowing we need a vacation after this trip. We went back to LA the next morning and I drove naked the entire way. I waved to every trucker and SUV and had a ball. Can't wait til next month.
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Thank u for the likes you really are a clever beaver

Your a hard core pleaser

**** you ******* are the dream

I'm from Canada no B.C. though where your friends atecfrom

You made my **** so hard!

Was my pleasure

I love that you had that many guys at the Superbowl party. So sexy! Please friend me.

Driving naked is a trip. Glad you guys can have so much fun!!

i love your erotic escapades - so horny

i love your erotic escapades - so horny

wow very hot story i love it thank you

I'm curious about what fun is to be had in Palm Springs if you don't already know somebody there. There seem to be a lot of clothing optional resorts, but that doesn't necessarily lead to fun with others. Are there swinger clubs there?

Sea mountain inn in Desert Hot Springs is thee place. Go during the day or a Sat. Party or stay for a weekend. Areolas down the street is nude but we found swinging or LS couples there who we had fun with

That is a hot story.That would be a hard one to top.would love to see your photos.

Great story! I love hearing that you are living it up out west.

If you ever take a trip to new England, I'd love to play... A sexy older woman like you is my ultimate fantasy...

Hot story...made me hard and aching for some fun like that.

of course he does, it gives him pride. I love watching their eyes when they *** and see and taste the appreciation. Our sex life is even better after any slutty weekend.

I can't wait until next month either. I love your story.

Fantastic erotic story!!!! Sounds like a great w/e all around!!! Very well written too! Loved reading this story! ;)

You are a super sexy generous slutty babe . love it ! xo peter


Great story. Wore me out, going back to bed.

Great Story!~ Next time count me in!

You must lace your husband's food with massive amounts of Viagra for him to get hard so much, the lucky bastard !

Sounds like a wonderful time!!

Great story! Congratulations on experiencing all of the pleasure your body can give to yourself and others.

WOW now this is one very hot story, you got me rock hard a quarter of the way through. I would have loved to have been there, I can't think of any thing hotter then watching a few women munching and ******* each other. And you know I would have loved to have dipped my **** in each one of you. Can't wait to hear about your next trip.

You may well apply fot the designation "****", we admire you "open" attitude towards any man you encounter, after such a week some organs really need to recover, we think...

what a wild adventure you had, thanks for sharing

Great great story like to see your photos

You two are our kind of couple. You make the most of your play time.