Wife Going To Visit Her Boyfriend

So the other night after getting off the phone with her boyfriend, the wife announces that she told him she plans a trip to see him in  a couple of weeks.  This has been a long distance relationship and its been over a year since they have been together.


She  asks if I have a problem with that.  Of course I tell her no, its up to her.  Now according to her, this trip will be non-sexual, she just wants to visit and spend some time with him.  My eyes roll and she gets pissed…. Lolol.  She adds, I don’t want any pressure on me to do anything and I want to visit him without the sexual activity being the reason for the visit.  She insists that she has communicated this to him and that he is good to go with it.  So what can I say….. lol, not much I guess.  She’s going to spend a weekend with him and get to know him better. lolol


The life of a cuck is already weird, now its taking a turn I never would have conceived…..  oh well…. lolol

m2swife m2swife 56-60, M 1 Response Jun 1, 2012

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Be sure to let us know how her trip turns out.