Looking For My Cyber Sissy

Hello all you adorably pretty sissies.
I am looking for a suitably cute boy to become my 'cyber' sissy.
I am looking forward to telling you all the pretty things you will have to wear and training you will have to undertake.

Aunt Jacqueline
xauntiejx xauntiejx
51-55, F
13 Responses May 8, 2012

This sissy would love to be Your cyber sissy Auntie *curtsy* YM: tarasissytgirl

Sounds interesting to me! My wife/Mistress is always looking for new ways to humiliate me and make me more of a sissy!

Aunt Jacqueline

I am untortured boy..im looking fr someone who can fulfil my dream to become a sissy..
my mail address: sextwethole@yahoo.com

Oh, yes, Aunt Jackie. I'd so like to learn how to be a real schoolgirl.

Good morning Aunt Jacqueline<br />
I would love to make everything you wish for ..and become your sissy<br />
waiting for you<br />
<br />
Yours Elinoy

i am very interested. Please contact me if You are still interested.<br />
<br />

Dear Aunty Jacqueline,<br />
<br />
I am a willing sissy May I ask you to consider me for training<br />
<br />

Hello I am a sissy baby girl who would like tutored.

Love to and would provide photos and webcam. I also have a nice spanking machine which can be controlled remotely.

Hello Mistress, i am a willing sissy and hope to become your student in femininity.<br />
<br />
Curtsies, kathi

Hello aunt aunt Jacqueline I am a sissy baby who would like to be your sissy.x

Hello Aunt Jacqueline<br />
I am a willing sissy that needs to be tutored in the way of becoming the perfect sissy

I look forward to our relationship. Look out for a message from me.
Aunt Jacqueline x

I await with anticipaition Aunt Jacqueline

i would need permission from my Princess to speak with you.<br />
<br />
sissy renee

I quite understand sissyrenee. I am really looking for a willing but as yet untutored sissy.