I Love To Learn

Both these subjecs are my major interests ever since I heard of them. Basically, I have always been a business student with fine arts as my extra subject. I have always enjoyed what I learnt in school and college and university. When I came across sociology, it was great and very different. When i was doing my gce, I really wanted to opt for sociology but it was too late and there were hardly any students. Now, its a major compulsory subject... aaaaah I wish I could take a bite from the cake of this wonderful knowledge. Although I have skimmed through different books on sociology I have descovered that there arent many who go indepth and start with scratch. I was lucky enough to find one at a bookstore and it was lovely. I didnt have much money so i thought I would buy it later and that was a major mistake. That book have helped me out in my self study on sociology. It is so amazing, its all about people and there behaviour in society. I really want to learn this subject, even though im done with graduation and im now a teacher, I always feel incomplete because I never got a chance to learn this subject. I met a teacher in my french classes, she was a phd in sociology. I felt so grateful to meet her. She said its really interesting and you never get bored. I wanted to ask her if she could teach me the subject but then I thought its just a matter of time and I was about to get married. I felt that it was useless at this point in life because i would be getting married and its not a piece of cake.
Then I got a chance to read a book on Psychology. I found it in a pile of old books belonging to my elder brother. He wasnt into studies and he is just a show off. Well, lets cut it short, i found a basic psychology book and i really wanted to read it. So after lots of pledging he allowed me to borrow it for a while. I read one or two chapters. it was sooo confusing and mindboggling. It was really weird and intense. I think psychiatrists are psychos themselves lol. Yeah but it wasnt interesting as compared to sociology but not bad either
HelenParis HelenParis
Mar 1, 2012