Taking The Long Road

Throughout grade school I excelled in the "hard sciences" - math, physics, chemistry, giving little thought to the "soft sciences" - English, social, psychology. It was not until in my mid twenties when I became romantically involved with a woman five years my senior that I looked up the definition of the word "psychology" for the first time. My quest to understand the term was evoked by a longing to define the odd behaviors that my lady was exhibiting. However, the World Dictionary definition I discovered was a mere generality of a word covering a tremendous field of probabilities. The solution that I was searching would only be found through an in depth study of a vault of endless pages of literature and a thorough examination of life's experiences. 

I began diligently reading "self help" books in an effort to find the answers. To my disappointment I came to the realization that such books contained very little professional information but rather the biased opinion of the authors. Most books were written in a persuasive format to gain ones support for the author's view point. After reading many such works I discovered to my surprise that in many cases their were an number of authors opposing each other's opinions. Such controversy only confused me so I decided to go deeper.

I went to a second hand book store and found myself University texts "Psychology 101". I was going to search for answers by beginning with the same foundation that the Doctors of Psychology had received. This was were the beginning of learning and understanding for the first time truly presented itself. After studying a Psychology text I felt compelled to explore further and found myself Psychiatry texts and from their I explored Sociology texts. Through the study of many text books over many years I believe that I have been well informed of the definition of Psychology but have very few answers when it comes to diagnosing someone's psychological illness. But that is the field of Psychiatry and Psychology; much of it is open to interpretation. That is probably why my wife who displayed unusual behaviors was initially diagnosed and treated for Bipolar disorder with my disagreement.

Four years later with my persistence through knowledge gained from text book studies we successfully had the diagnoses professionally corrected to the real disorder - Schizophrenia.             
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Dec 14, 2012