My First Time Stripping

I was in college at the time needing to some money so a female college  friend Amy whom was going to have a birthday party for her sister  ask me would I be interested in stripping for her sister's party. She said they could not afford a professional male ******** so I agree to do it . I learn as best I could to dance, put a costume together, burn some music Cd's, got my CD radio. The party was at their house and  their mother, two aunts, all three sisters plus two college teachers whom were friends of the family were there too. I was surprise by  how  horny these women were getting when I come to the door Amy answer the door she opened it up I was dress in ups type brown shirt, shorts, hat which I got a thrift store having a parcel to deliver to the birthday girl Lisa ..She lead me to the living room there all the women were sitting in chairs in a circle   in the middle had a chair.  Amy made a announcement Lisa had a special gift  for her  That was the signal when Lisa come to get the parcel to start my ***** show. Only Amy and their mother plus one other person knew I was coming to *****. Everyone else was surprised they cheered, yelling "Take it off" "Take it all off!" Lisa was nervous and very excited Took the radio out of the parcel start playing the ******** music. I reach for her hands getting to slowly unbutton my shirt she smiling with a devilish grin her eyes with wicked glee in stripping me. During this time the mail lady come they let her in she start to watch me ***** taking photos with her camera . Amy's mother start to record my ***** show on her camcorder and during this everyone had at different times took photos or recorded. Lisa took my shirt off throwing it to one of her aunts then I place her sitting in middle room chair dancing slowly around for everyone with them touching and fondling me. I next had Amy help me remove my t-shirt with her pulling it up over my head with her throwing it to the ground. I next dance swinging my hips around they all got aroused even more one of their aunt's started to unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants another female pull them down. I Lisa quickly pull them off completely throwing my pants to her sister. At this point they were so in it they were licking their lips, smiling, touching me that I to take everything off. They were putting money into my garter I had only my brief's and the g string left on. Lisa reaching for my briefs put her hands in both sides pull them down with them whistling, cat calling, she throw them to the English professor who gladly took them for a souvenir . Now only my g string left Lisa's mom made sure she recorded them being ******** off showing my **** and balls when she took them off. Lisa keep them and I danced with each of them touching my cook , slamming my butt . Next I had to bend a chair for Lisa to spank 21 times for her 21 birthday. they all enjoyed it those two college professors keep looking at me in school with a wicked glee all the time.
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5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Love to do that, but where do you find a group of women who would want to try it?

Sounds like a cool experience. Did you ever have the chance to perform again?

fantastic experience

Who got spanked? You or Lisa?<br />
<br />
Good story! Thanks for sharing it.

Nice story.I also fantasize about stripping for a group of women but never got a chance.You are very lucky.