The Challenge

I never thought I'd ever ***** before somebody. It was my ex-boyfriend that challenged me to enrol to his faculty at the first attempt. If I made it, he'd ***** naked for me. If I didn't, then it'd be me stripping off for him.
I didn't make it - mechanical engineering isn't what I'm interested in. I put ME for the first option at his engineering institute, just to prove him that I don't always avoid challenges. I put Architecture the second option, and this is my field of interest. "I made it to the Architecture," I told him when he asked me to visit him and fulfill the promise I made him. "Still you're not in the ME," he said slyly, over the phone.
So, I arrived at the city he studies in at 1pm and he picked me up. "We can go straight to my place and I'll let you ***** off right away," he said. I shook my head, I wasn't ready to do that but I had to. I told him that I'd do that before I leave the city, but it might not be right after we arrive at his place. He said, take your time. That night I thought I was ready, so I challenged him to play ***** poker. I'm good at poker, so I could easily win the game but I decided not to play well. I ended up losing several times. He lost the first round : he unbuttoned his shirt. I (intentionally) lost the following 3 rounds, and I should ***** off my blouse, trousers, and bra. He laughed, I think he knew that my act was intentional, but he kept on going. After 6 rounds, I was completely naked and he wore only his boxers. The night ended up with a make-out at the sofa. Before we fell asleep, he said he really enjoy watching me stripping. "I must do that more often. For you," I said.
Since that night, I ******** for 3-4 more times before him. He took a series of photos of it, also photos of him stripping, all for our private collection. I kept those photos, still. Now that we're no longer together, I moved the photos somewhere. I'm not sure I still remember where I keep them.
oddsters oddsters
18-21, F
Sep 9, 2012