But only for that special someone!!!

I am a dancer as it is. And I love to dance around my house the way most people only venture to do in their mirror.. or thoughts. I love to feel sexy when I dance, because I do. Even if I don't feel sexy during the day, when I dance... I do. So... with my kind of dancing being everything ***** but the stippign itself... I'm definitely interested in the idea. And I saw "Striptease" again the other day (lets just say that I'm old enough to understand the movie better, even if I liked it back then, too) and it inspired me more. Stripping just looks fun... and gives you that sense of being wanted. I think that I would have fun stripping for my man.. I want to know what its like to see that drool coming from his lip for reasons other than falling asleep in the lawn chair... I think he'd be okay for a solo show just me dancing for him. But thats all it would be. Just me dancing for my love. Just the way it should be if clothes are being removed.
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Lucky guy when he comes around. Wow, he'll be in heaven.

There's now something called *****-dancing (for women only).

you can come dance for me any time in chico ca.

Wow. I definitely want to see someone *****, too. I think it is an art to be enjoyed.

I think that maybe I should just save the show for my boyfriend. When I get one.

I have never tried, but I would think that dancing nude before an audience would be tremendous fun.

If you like to dance, then you are a dancer. Just put in some music with a good beat, and let your body move. Dancing isn't so much thought as it is feeling. You just go with it, you know? Trust me, just put in a song you like, and move. :)

i wish i could be a dancer like u.<br />
because i loving the feeling being sexy and energic.