Edging And Discipline

Stroking and holding back ****** is such a beautiful tease, especially when done regularly over days. Having someone else control your edging can make it so much more intense. Relying on the say-so of a dominant partner takes all the control away from yourself and gives the other person the ability to tease, please and frustrate you. Bring in your dominant other to control your edging as a reward or punishment and the stakes are raised even higher!

This has happened to me this past week. My Mistress controls the amount of satisfaction or lack of it I receive, determined by my behaviour. She had me edging fast and furious during the weekend, stroking hard and rough to the point of ****** but stopping before *******. She even demanded that I provide her with photographs of my precum dripping from me.

I disappointed my Mistress a few days ago and have been ordered not to touch my **** or balls, at all, no stroking, no touching to pee, nothing. This of course has come after a weekend of edging and building up to *** for my Mistress, I now face the prospect of remaining extremely horny with no avenue for pleasure and release. This is incredibly frustrating!! I feel the tightness of my underwear against my crotch and even this has the effect of giving me an erection, once erect the frustration increases and I find myself changing my position to both cause pleasure and to try to alleviate the overwhelming desire to ***, My balls feel so full and are aching to pump my ***** from me.

My Mistress instructed me to take the above photograph today. I was not to touch my **** and I did not. Even so, it was such a freeing feeling, undressing and posing, being able to enjoy my sexual frustration for just a short while, even tricking my mind and body into thinking release may be near. I took longer than expected to take the pics, enjoying the feel of sexuality and giving myself the closest thing to ****** that I am able to achieve under my current instructions. I got hard and could feel the gnawing knot in my stomach wanting me to go further. I posed, looking at my hard-on and noticing the precum forming. I slid my underwear lower and then back up, running the elastic over my aching balls and ****. I realised this was beginning to get me off, sending me into a state of pleasure, no, I wasn't touching myself but I knew I had better stop! I did.
Once pics were taken I had to dress and again return to the reality of enforced chastity my Wonderful Mistress has deemed my punishment.

I regret that i have not fulfilled my Mistress' request exactly as she asked. I was to show my head, looking down at my ****, but could not bring myself to do so, mainly out of fear of recognition by friends on EP. I know this will not sit well with my Mistress but I have asked her forgiveness.

I await her verdict, in a state of chastity and high arousal. If I did the pic exactly as she asked my reward was to be able to squeeze and handle my balls, I regret I can't do this at the moment.

I await my Mistress' response.
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Sep 13, 2012