Just back from holiday, we had a demo on tantric massage - v cool! I was interested when he said that the real G spot for women is in their head!
Also interested when he said that women and men had pretty much opposite sexual polarity! He said that men's sexual polarity/energy/drive is centred in the genital region - no surprise there! Women however have their sexual polarity - their plus, centred in the heart.
What struck me wasn't that you can reverse the polarity with things like massage - but that in many ways it seems that men and women really do seem opposites that attract the plus works with the minus and both seem to fit together.
Before that I suppose I got a little disillusioned and began to wonder how ANY man and woman ever made it work - but I shouldn't let it trouble me cos fact is that it can and does work and in many ways we do need each other - a plus in the battery always connects with a minus.
That isn't to say that gay relationships don't work just as well - they do but perhaps that's because they have figured out how to stimulate and attune the polarities :)
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Interesting, using a battery to explain the difference of polarity. When aiding a flat battery, you connect the positive to positive and negative to negative or earth. But to double the power or output, you connect the positive to negative, and negative to positive. Just like the batteries in a torch.
I love the differences between M and F, our hormones are opposite, most objectives. Our bodies so wonderfully different. I have trained as a masseuse, and have personal experience massaging both at one visit. I had a mobile massage service.
So I can relate to your comments. 😊

Sorry for delay.. lol you are even cooler than i thought.. such a pity we had so little time to connect and chat on here ... yes at it's best men's and women's differences are something to celebrate and enjoy :)

I guess that's why we have that old clichés about the mysteries of the sexes being both exciting and frustrating. Some men would love to meet a woman with a greeting comment like. ...... hi, have you enjoyed any sex lately, let me help. Or, my face would look good on your *****. ...... resulting in a positive reply (slap on the face ).
Where as, woman may like what she sees in him, and replies with a more Suttle greeting which goes right over his head. ...... Missed opportunity for both. Communication awkward, polarities just not connected. Yet in another situation, boy meets girl. Hand to hand combat begins and WOW, everything connects with erotic harmony for both.

I guess what I'm trying to say is ........why does meeting people for the first time be so awkward most of the time, when both parties are seeking "something ".

lol cos often they are seeking different things :P women perhaps more relationship happy ever after ..men more sexual adventure :P

me too i am carious about that

This is an interesting question, I have not experienced a tantric massage before so I can not comment on.
As for sexual polarity of men a women. It is known that the brain is the main part of body that needs to be sexually simulated. Men czn also be eady simulated via their private parts. Women need more mind, heart and soul simulation. Though this also crossrs over in to a more emotional connection as well. Which can normally lead to a feeling of being loved, belonging.

For Gay men I am sure there is an element of both polarities at play, though gentile will always be a more direct route.

Hey, don't forget the other senses us men have like eye stimulus or sense of smell. I love the natural odour of a woman. It's called chemistry

Add me sweetie.

yin and yang.....Women are Gods beautiful creatures,,,bless the all!

What have you found out?

This has me thinking too. I feel a large combination or plus and minus.
The biggest turn-ons are when I feel a connection with a woman. She then becomes beautiful and desirable.
This does have me wondering.

Aww that's a lovely response! I have come full circle with this I think.. from thinking that men and women are so different its surprising it ever works t thiking that actually men and women for the most part compliment each other and fit together well :)

Thank you for the compliment!!
I will agree. My feelings are always centered around how my mind connects with the woman. I don't care if she is beautiful to others if I feel we understand each other the rest of the world doesn't matter.