Astrology Chart

I have been into this field for quite some time. I understand how to do things like Astrology Charts, Numerology, etc. I have done them for other people myself. I had gone on a free Astrology site and had my Chart done. The astrologer who did my chart keeps telling me I am at a Turning Point in my Life. I am Cancer. I was told that around the FULL MOON next Month my LIFE will CHANGE from the effects of  PLUTO PLANET and the effects of the MOON. The way this Planet will be alligned and ruling this SIGN-since the MOON already rules CANCER.  This Astrologer wants me to pay more money so I can get a FULL READING done. I can't afford to do this so I tell the site no.  My  time is running out she said before my 'WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITIES' will run out. I already did my own chart up and have it hanging on my wall. If you would like to do my Birth Chart and let me know what you can reveal to me. I would appreciate it. This news is suppossed to be the Next Best thing to come my way, as I was told,. My info.  is as follows:  Birth Place-West Hudson Hospital-Time 6:35 am-The Date-06-26-1964. I would like to know more about this EVENT before it occurs or it is too late. I really would like to know when to play the LOTTERY which GAME on which DATE should I play it so I can have extra $$$. 
AwaitingtheFULLMOON AwaitingtheFULLMOON
Jul 26, 2010