So It's Begun...

A little background... I went to a psychic who told me I was a medium and will be doing reading for money in college (if you want to read about it check out my other stories). In the past I've had dreams about the recently deceased (which you can also read about). Well the only part of my most recent dream that has yet to come true is that the dead woman in my dream follows me home, or has it? Weird things have been happening around me lately and fairly frequently.
First, the fire alarm nearest to me in the house started going off for about a minute and then stoped without setting any other alarm off. I left for a couple of hours, came back and asked my sister if it had gone off since (it hadn't). Soon after I arrived it started up again and continued for an hour. I told it to stop and it did, but then started again (lol). I called my mom to try to prove I wasn't crazy and it stoped and hasn't gone off since (this was a few weeks ago). Then I was at my friends house and he turned on the TV and handed me the remote before leaving the room. I touched the TV-Vid button and the TV and DishBox went out. He came back and was really confused as to how it happened. Then later he left again and the lights started flickering (which may or may not have been anything). And more recently (3 days ago to be exact) I was sitting in front of the TV that was playing static because I was waiting for everyone to come and sit down so I could start the movie we were going to watch. I looked up from my i-pod and saw what looked like a person but i thought it was just what happens to your eyes when you look at something bright and then look away, but I watched it move towards the TV, and then the TV shut off. I sat there for a moment laughing to myself and thinking well I think my dream came true. Now here comes the freaky part. I looked at the TV screen and could see the light reflection from an open bedroom door in the hallway. I watched the light get blocked out by something and I could see that there was nobody in the hallway from where I was sitting. So at that point I freaked out and left the room. Plus i've been hearing alot of freaky things lately.
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I have very little belief in the whole "medium" thing, and even less if they make a profit doing so. Anyone can do what they claim to do.. *smile*