My Grandmother's Spirit

This is kind of a long story that needs an introduction. WARNING I AM A BAD WRITER!

My father divorced my mother whan I was three years old. My father took my brother, sister and I to live in my grandmother's house. There I remember how univited we were. My grandmother and some ounts told us that our mother avandoned us. Later we find out that she did care abou us and she wanted to see us. We were not treated very well in my grandmother's house. My sister had worst memories than I do of the emotional abuse we went tru.

Many months before my grandmother died I wished her death, because of how she treated us. When she die I felt a little guilty but I also felt good so I faked feeling bad. I was like ten or twelve years old.

One day I was sitting in the front proch of the house with my brother and some friends. A friend and I were the only ones looking inside the house in the middle of a conversation with the other guys. That is when we sow with alot of clarity how a "piece of cloting" just apeared like if it came out of nowhere. It was like if she was walking from left to right and all that we could see was part of her dress. My friend inmediately say something like "WOA!". It happens that the place where my grandmother started daying of a heart attack was right where the piece of cloting apppeared. I inmediatelly knew it was my grandmother because of the color of the dress she was wearing when she die it was the same. Everyone in the house felt my grandmother presence for long after she die.

Later she came out to me in two dreams. both dreams the same with the difference that in the last one she tryed to speak a little louther. She scared me so bad. It was the most real dream I ever had and ever will have in my life. She was just trying to tell me something that I untill now do not know.

In the dream I am walkng in the very place where she die, but is night time. I am walking to drink water from the refrigerator. I know my grandmother is dead. I look behind me and she is coming out of the room where she die, witch is the closes to the refrigerator. She is walking looking at me like if she is mad. I am totally paralized. I try to scream, say something, move, but I cannot do anything. She gets closer to my my face and I am on the ground. All I can see now is her face and she wispers a sentence that I cannot understand. That is when I wake up in both dreams. BOTH dreams are exavtly the same but at the end in the second one she tryes to say the sentence more clear. Both times when I woke up I the room is very dark and I feel very scared and like she was in the room with me. In both dreams I never went back to to sleep and never got out of bed untill the sun was out many hours later.
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Your grandmother was saying sorry and telling you to live your life for you. I sense it as clear as if she was writing a message here.

do not use a Ouija board these can invite angry spirits.

Lo siento


hehe I was like wow when I sow her and realize that spirits are real. Fauck the tv programs that make people waste their time watching them.

I am a believer in Jesus, therefore I believe the other side can communicate with us. I hope your not feeling guilty about your Grandma's death. It wasn't your fault. If she needs to tell you something, I believe it will happen out of no-where when you least expect it. It will probably come out loud and clear.

really out loud and clear. So the 2 exact same dreams that I had witch I will never EVER forget in my life had no meaning because she will come out and tell me out loud because she is alive or some ****? gtfo

Good to know that people are reading my story. I always check on it. I have been waiting for years for my grandmother to talk to me again. I think she might not come back since it has been more than six years from the second dream. I will try to comunitcate with her with a family member maybe. I will try to use a Ouija board.

That's amazing... It may seem scary but maybe she really wants to tell you something important! Next time focas really hard on what she is saying don't be afraid stay strong!