I Need Some Help!

Okay, so one time myself and my 2 friends were walking outside at night and one friend brings up a story of something he saw as a child, he said he saw a dark figure, like a shadow standing out with red eyes and a large smile. After he was done my other friend said she was feeling really warm, so i blessed her and had her put on a rosemary. Later that night i heard my name being called, it wasnt a human voice, and i dont understand what it was, i passed by a window to see what was going on and outside on the sidewalk was a dark figure, red eyes and a large creepy smile, i blinked and it was gone, as for the voice calling me that disapeered as well. I want to help my friend understand what he's dealing with, a demon or a ghost? and what about my other friend, was that dark thing trying to take over her? And i would also like to know if anyone has experienced anything like this.

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I do know that others thoughts and fears can bring things to a reality, good as well as bad, but all that feeds that is thoughts and fears, the key here is to protect yourself with a golden white light, surrounding you and those you care about, this tends to calm those outside negative energies (as I call them) many times they are earthbounds praying on our fears, and curiosity. Work on keeping everything around you and your friends as positive and simple as you can, as I said thoughts can bring things to a reality so why not use that to your benefit and keep the thoughts filled with pure love and reaching out wherever you can. <br />
I recently moved and when I got here I cleansed the house and protected it in every spiritual way I could think of and it is so peaceful!!! Negative feeds on negative, it is as simple as that. I hope this helps. giving anything a name is not really beneficial such as demon or such, to me that gives the energy more.. So protect and flow with love. *hugs* CindySue