There Is Nothing Para About Paranormal

i havent lived that long but i have learned more in my nineteen years than most people would ever care too. i have studied constantly everything ive ever known of well except spelling xp the more i study the more ive come to see the relations between science and science fiction ive found thatthe paranormal is more like a neglected feild of science than some crazy thing we cant understand and i blame this stigma on religion you see we havefor far too long tried to seperate god or godess depending on your beleifs from science and logic i think if god made this then he made the laws so why wouldnt he follow his own laws? i also believe that if matter is the same as energy then we are living energy and there fore other forms of energy could live as well in the form of ghosts maybe? haha aslo if we are energy and we think the thought must be energy and if energy can influence other nergy then our thoughts must be able to influence the world around us this can go on for days and i often dont sleep because im to buzy thinking of these things and talking to my god about them but i hope you get what im saying and i pray you apply it because since i started thinking this why more and more of the strange things have started making sinceĀ 
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2 Responses Nov 24, 2011

Sure, I highly respect more knowledge and insight from others. Its always nice to hear what everyone has to say (:

haha okie ;)

I am so with you, I see the world just the way it is.