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 The room was dark. One couldn't see farther than a few meters. He was sitting in the middle. All around was darkness. It felt like nobody was there.

He found this advertisement in newspapers: 'Searching for new talents. Work from home. Commenting on society.' It didn't sound promising. He didn't feel like to spy  but he had no choice. He didn't work for a long time. He had no money, no permanent place to stay, his life was in ruin.

I will go there - he was repeating to himself. I will answer a few questions and I will know what's going on.

His dreams were killing him. He could see what will happen but he never talked about it. This is all coincidence - he thought.  Anyway, I can't change anything but I have to get a job. That's why I came. He was certain about this. He had to work.

"Do you live alone ...?" He heard the voice asking .


"Do you know why you are here ?"

"Yes, you called me."

"What is your talent ?"

"I can see things."

"How ?"

"In my dreams."

"Why do you think we need you ?"

"I saw that and you know about it."

 He spent some time in silence. Then heard again: "Are you not afraid ?"

"It's not about me ..."

"Now you will go and forget about everything."

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I love this one