Ghost Girl Madeline Mccann

Hi my life when I was 19 years old I had my first ghost personal experience
I thought ghost was not real but I had a friend on Facebook even he his on Facebook his name was
ADAM BERRY FROM GHOST HUNTERS I ask him dose ghost real in your show he say yes the ghost is real
In the show I say wow because my house used be a old trolley station Parking lot I had lot ghost personal experience
I don't care what people thinks but ghost is real to me my life always want be a ghost hunter since I saw my first shadow front of the door & his name was VICTOR he was wearing a old fashion farmer suite with a sun flower hat with dark blue eyes he had a peach
Fork I only see him in my dreams, we have a another Ghost , my other ghost girl there was on news on Tuesday mooring because There was a little girl who was gone missing in 2007 in may 3 & last week before the new people I had a ghost experience um long time ago around 8:39 pm I forgot what day it happened fast because my mom drive my brother someone were I lock the window all doors are lock & it's just me at the house even my 2 dogs name Truman & Monore. They were sleep this time I was near at the window I had a wired strange feeling that someone was there with me I turn my right hand side I saw this little girl walking passing me in the kitchen her name was MADELINE she had dark brown hair with black eyes she was 16 when I saw her & around her neck she had 2 abused marks around her neck & next day I draw her what she look like & it was her when the new people where talking about this little girl was missing when she was 9 years old her full name was MADELINE MCCANN she was missing in 2007 in may 3 I was so shock because when I saw her name in my dream when saw her name on news I was shock because its spell the same name in my drawling is that freaky or what she telling me that she is not alive she dead right now she wants to be found before she go to light she miss her family so much right now she is lost she was not wearing any shoes when I saw her aberration in the kitchen when the show MADELINE PHOTO on the news I was shock it was her she was my ghost in my house I thought little kids can see ghost not adults why this stuff happening to me I see shadows lot every time I go somewhere ....true story Ghost is 100% real
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

victor ! what is wrong with that name hmm<br />
whenever i go i see people talking about victor !<br />
By the way I have spirit guide named victor as well O_O

thanks for sharing your story, ghosts are popping up a lot theses days.