we may be intrested in spooks and such but never invite by way of ouiji board,that is a portal to your soul.
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My friends and I used one once when we were around 16 or 17yrs old. I spirit name John told us he was waiting on me to grow up more. Never used it since.

why what happens excatly?

I don't mess around with them... I used to with friends, but we used it one time and I felt like something was under my bed the whole night.... no thanks, never again.

Never, ever use a ouija board! A young woman asked on the EP Q&A one night about using one "for entertainment purposes." When I responded to her question I was pleased to see that everyone else who responded told her the same thing: NEVER use a ouija board, especially to fool around with "for entertainment purposes." YOU may know you're just playing, but the board doesn't know that. Lots of people don't understand that once you unlock or open a portal, it's not usually within your power to close it again. This is very good advice you've given. I hope people will read and follow it. :)