Money Again?

Over the last couple of months i keep finding money on the footpath as im walking along, its great its been £5s, a few £10s then a few £20 notes,dont get me wrong,im not complaining, far from it im just trying to figure out what iv done to be rewarded like this.Its like its waiting for me to come along.I do think of money a lot not in a bad way just calculating spending in my head as im walking along.
It seems to coincide with spending straight cash, so when i spend a £20 i get it back usually within the hour lying on the footpath in front of me,so im never out of pocket. I now avoiding paying by card as it seems to be when i use straight cash. but anyway whoever or whatevers sending it thankyou and i dont mind if you want to give me more,loads more in fact and i will tell the whole of EP if you decide to do do it.xx
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1 Response May 18, 2012