Aliens Exist

I went to a psychic medium that I have seen in the past.
We spoke about aliens and ghosts.
She told me the first time I saw her that I have a different energy, that I witnessed an alien encounter when I was a little girl. which is why I have always been fascinated with aliens.
I truely believe that they walk among us. They watch us. They study us and spy on us for fun.
I want to know more. In my heart I know aliens exist and they visit us.
I think they travel through a wormhole to get to planet earth.
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Have you ever heard of the Amazing Randy? He's a magician who goes around busting psychics, mediums and other fakes. He has a standing offer of one million dollars to any of these people who can stand up to a standard double-blind scientific test of their "abilities". In the few decades he's been doing it nobody has claimed the prize. If you were a psychic with this wonderful ability don't you think you'd go get that one million dollars? Or how about predicting lottery numbers? If I had such a wonderful ability to see into the future I'd sure as hell be rich from lottery winnings! Here's a hint, they're all fakes. Some of them may even believe it themselves, but trust me, it's all bogus.<br />
<br />
If you ever have time start following Randys organization,

"Seeing is Believing" is that what I believe so I do not know if they exist or not. But if they do I hope they show up with their Flying ob<x>jects and should be friendly like " Third Rock from the Sun"... :)

well let see where to start, it is being told, that very soon now......that the goverment will fall....when the timing is right, then and only when things are just right...the light being or star family will appear to will flip a lot of people out..<br />
and it is up to thoses that have understood to a degree what will happen, there are some nasty people at the top level of the goverment maybe I shouldn't say goverment they include some goverment, banking, you name it the people that have been keeping the masses slaves so to takes some time to wrap you brain around these ideas...But I have come to believe that most of it is some research on your own.....David Wilcocks log on to his website and do some reading or listen to some videos he has linked up..with a man named Drake....I have get daily channel message any where from 7 to 8 a day and most of them are saying almost the same thing, not only does it set right and make have to judge these things see if it feels right to you as of luck

Looklife, I have been on my spiritural path for quite some time, well....most people are even if they don't know it<br />
channel messages are out on the net now from all kind of sources.....some are channels from AAngels or as I refered to as light beings if it is easier for you to think of them as being angels then think of them as angels...but we have family from other planets and other places out there~~~<br />
there are several things ~going on<br />
and I would say it has always been planned out this way by the creator....<br />
we have finally started getting fed up with the goverment...if you follow any of that

don't you think they have been hidden by the goverments because they want us to know the truth about things? I read many channels...some from AAngels some from other Light fact they are our star family!! and with what is happening on May the 20th 2012// the energies are full blast...I have felted it ...things are really starting to happen for us all we have to release all junk...<br />
do you remember your encounter now?

I do believe that the government covers it all up. Imagine how people would react? That would make them all reconsider their religion. Imagine the chaos!
I don't know anything about light beings... is that another word for angel? What is supposed to happen today?